OMEGA 3D by Omega Optical
The Dolby (Infitec) dichroic filter system has been used in theaters and private professional screening rooms for years, but has been unavailable to the public... projectors need special internal filters for color correction.

Omega Optical has been providing interference filters for science and medicine since 1969. Now they've developed a 3D filter that is unrivaled in flexibility and affordability- no color correction needed.



Now available from Studio3D

OMEGA3D brings improved 10-band filtering and virtually no ghosting... an extinction level of 99.6%! Works on any surface, no silver screen needed. Filters can withstand heat from projectors lenses without degrading. The glasses are easy to clean, fit over almost any eyeglasses, block out extraneous light and are comfortable to wear. Stack neatly.
2 DLP projector standard filters* (35x55mm)
5 pairs of Omega3D glasses

Large filters (43x73mm) w 10 glasses $875.00

Additional Omega3D glasses
$25 each ($20 each for 10+)

Add adjustable eyeglass strap to glasses for $2.95 each

RENTALS available, please inquire.

*DLP projector recommended, but specially coated lenses available for LCD/LcOS- please specify

  • State of the art multilayer optical coating that separates white light into left and right eye signal of equal brightness and neutral color. Both eyes see continuous full spectrum, full resolution images. (Some rivalry may be detected on some colors, mostly red.)
  • Any screen surface will work, from a white wall to a high gain screen. No hotspots or falloff in brightness from having to use a silver screen... good 3D can be seen from anywhere in room.
  • 30% higher efficiency than linear polarizing systems like RealD and MasterImage and 60% higher than Dolby/Infitec 
  • Glass optics with durable refractory oxide coating that will last for years and can be washed without worries of damaging electronics or optics.
  • No batteries or other interfering electronics / IR signals.
Projector setup with recommended Optoma TH1060P DLP projectors... 4500 lumens, true 1080p resolution (same resolution as movie theaters!).

You can purchase projector stand
(which allows precise alignment)
and velcro/black foamcore filter holder
(comes off easily for 2D projection) from Studio 3D.

(note: Holder will be setup for TH1060P, other projectors may require some trimming to holder.)

Dual 1920x1080 alignment grid here

Stand with filter holder

Optional eyeglass straps help keep glasses on securely, add comfort
Simple setup utilizing wires to hold filters
Filters in dual black foamcore holders
Metal holders on simple shelving

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