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Born: October 22, 1955

Education: Massachusetts College of Art, BFA/1977, honors

WARNING: the following images are monoscopic!


This page has personal information!

(3D resume here! )

But I have other interests besides 3D, don't I?

(Please don't reveal my secret identity... ~)

picture of Michele

My beautiful wife Michele- the other half of a stereo pair... she runs MADHOUSE MISCHIEF which (some time ago) made and sold crazy clocks...

the church

We live in a New England 1907 church! Besides being our home, it houses the STUDIO 3D offices, museum, library and theatre. Under continuous re-construction~ 

It's sometimes known as the Church of the Third Dimension .

Punky Q. Link

No kids, but we have this cat- her name is Punky Q. Link. She's taken to waking us up at the crack of dawn by playing the piano in the dining room so we'll get up and feed her!

RIP 1986- June 14, 2007

It's a BOY!
His name is SKYDOG and he's a Border Collie HANDFUL! Here he is at about 12 weeks old (June 2001)... 
(more photos)
ANOTHER Border collie boy!
JET arrived at 8 weeks old on Easter, 2010...

(more photos)

Waldo- Woodhead Show

From 1984 to 1994 I performed (playing drums and clowning) with The Waldo-Woodhead Show- a "new vaudeville" juggling/music trio. Got to travel around the world and get paid for it! (Took stereo photos, of course). Won first prize at the International Buskers festival in 1988...


In the early '80's there was a character called Egor the Village Idiot at the New England Renaissance Faire, who people say bore a striking resemblance...

Another Boston rock band that didn't hit the big time in 1978 (luckily!) was the Boogars...

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Billy and Sheila
I Like Girls
Punch In Punch Out

Yes, MAD Magazine is still being published~ it began in 1952 as a comic book and became a magazine in 1955- partly to avoid the "comics code". One of the few national magazines ever published that doesn't accept advertising! NOTE: As of June, 2001, MAD has begun to accept ads! YES, me worry! I'd managed to collect every issue, but recently decided to sell off the pre-magazine comics and collectibles. Now I waste my money on 3D junk! (OK, I bought another few issues! I couldn't pass up this one!)

Homer and 3D- what a concept! Unfortunately that episode wasn't stereoscopic, but PDI redid the sequence for IMAX 3D in "CYBER WORLD 3D"! The Simpsons is the funniest show that has ever graced the video airwaves... (they've even had episodes highlighting MAD magazine!)

My new scooter! The 2013 Honda PCX150 is fast, quiet (compared to motorcycles!), easy to ride ("twist and go") and park. Plus 100mpg! With the GPS I can ride all through the beautiful New England backroads and never get lost! Love it... My custom plate is DEPTH.

  • Spiritual Guide(s):
    Roy Masters / Foundation of Human Understanding; Meher Baba (and JC of course)

  • Favorite music:
    Led Zeppelin, Yes, Airto/Flora Purim, King Crimson, The Monkees... Steely Dan, (early) Grand Funk, Polyrock (ok, the Monkees are not in the same league as Zeppelin, but they were a big influence: Mickey Dolenz = comedy plus drums!)

  • My TOP 10 Greatest Classic Rock songs:
    One Fine Morning (1971) by Lighthouse (Original version!)
    Green Eyed Lady (1970) by Sugarloaf... (short radio cut is best).
    Foot Stompin Music (1971) by Grand Funk Railroad: E Pluribus Funk.
    Rock and Roll (1971) by Led Zeppelin: the anthem
    Incense and Peppermints (1967) by the Strawberry Alarm Clock
    Time of the Season (1968) by The Zombies
    Spooky (1968) by Classics IV (Original version)
    Undun (1969) by The Guess Who
    Bodhisattva (1973) by Steely Dan
    25 or 6 to 4 (1970) by Chicago

  • Favorite current/past TV shows:
    "Judge Judy" Tough love... no other TV judge comes close! You GO, Judge Judy!
    "Roseanne" Not always great, but not afraid to tackle real life in a very funny way
    "Frasier" Some of the best comedy writing for television, great cast
    "The Simpsons" They're not all gems, but it's a rare episode that I don't laugh out loud
    "Third Watch" One episode in particular "A Call For Help", where each segment had ZERO cuts!
    "24" So many storylines, so little time! Amazing television.
    "Carnivale" Maybe favorite series ever- superbly photographed with edgy characters and script. Incredible title sequence!
    This show should be seen by anyone contemplating (or already into) parenthood!
    "Wifeswap" Misleading title! What happens when wives who are completely different swap families for two weeks? Each family gains! I love this show.
    "Trading Spouses" Just can't get enough of this relationship reality~! It's a FOX version of Wifeswap. (not as good as Wifeswap, however!)
    "Creature Comforts" Brilliant tv version of Nick Park 1990 short of the same name. They CANCELLED it!
    "So You Think You Can Dance" Who knew dance was so beautiful and invigorating? Athletes of coporeal art, with fine, funny judges. LOVE this show.
    "Dexter" Seems like a strange premise, but really well written and acted.
    "Bates Motel" Engaging characters, rich writing and artful cinematography. Way better than expected.

    3D MOVIES RATED on separate page

  • Good 2D Movies I've seen recently:
    "Count of Monte Cristo" (2002) Great story, beautifully produced
    "Lord of the Rings- Return of the King" (2003) Best of the trilogy... incredible.
    "Master and Commander" (2003) Great mix of man's brutality and humanity.
    "House of Flying Daggers" (2004) Goofy name, but spectacular film! Love story with incredible action and choreography. HERO also amazing!
    "The Name of the Rose" (1986) Well crafted story set at a monestary in the Middle Ages. Great characters.

    "Apocalypto" (2006) Spectacular imagery, heart-wrenching story of brutality and bravery.
    "300" (2006) Seeing this epic graphic novel on the IMAX screen was breathtaking. Spectacular imagery and action.
    "Planet Earth" (2006) Not exactly a movie, but the most incredible, stunning, beautiful nature documentary ever!
    "The Last Samurai" (2003) Action, character, sets, scenery, costumes, cinematography, honor. Has it all!
    "Goya's Ghosts" (2006) Masterful biopic by Milos Forman on a great Spanish artist in turbulent times
    "Hellboy 2" (2008) SO much better than "Watchmen"- chock full of action, humor and great visuals.

  • Favorite All Time (short list) Movies:.
    "Life is Beautiful" (1998) Funny and tragic- Begnini succeeds. One of the best.
    "The Mask" (1994) Jim Carrey may be the funniest man on screen ever... this is his most hilarious film.
    "The Shining" (1980) Combine Stanley Kubrick and Jack Nicholson for one of the classic horror films of all time.
    "Wizard of Oz" (1939) Had to include this one... how many films can be seen over and over again? (Now in 3D!)
    "Angel Heart" (1987) Interesting story, beautiful cinematography, excellent acting.
    "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" (1975) Classic, painfully funny... Python films were way better than the TV shows...
    "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" (1975) If a movie lives by it's characters, this one absolutely stands out.

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