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STUDIO 3D shoots stereo photos for commercial and educational clients as well as gallery images. The following links are to sample stereos which are set up to freeview (crosseyed):


Stereo cameras used

2011 DEPTHMEN exhibit in Maynard. Boston Globe article.

In 1989 DAN GOSCH, RON LABBE and PAUL WING were part of a gallery showing of stereoscopic images at the ARTIST'S FOUNDATION in Boston. Special viewboxes were built and the show was very well received... but no one buys stereo photography!?*

*(Actually, we collect vintage stereo slides!)


In 1991 Ron had a one-man show at St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY which included his own work as well as classic transparencies from the 1950's.

The STUDIO 3D arsenal includes the following stereographic equipment for 3D stills:

RBT S1 / Dual SD 870 / 3D Advantage / 3D World MF film / Busch Verascope / Konica FS-1 / View-Master

Our favorite and very simple solution for aligning and projecting stereo stills is STEREO PHOTO MAKER. Another free (or $20 donation) and very powerful slide show solution is MYALBUM which offers fades and other transitions. (Note: be careful with stereo transitions... a vertical wipe won't work, since one image is wiped at a time!).

RBT S-1 custom built film camera
Ultra sharp 35mm stereo camera built in Germany from Konica Hexar cameras. Possibly the world's best stereo camera. This is the 58mm interaxial model.

SD870 Duo 3D digital stereo rig
Camera pair built from two 7.1 mp Canon cameras.
Plenty of resolution for View-Master reels or digital projection.


3D Advantage digital stereo rig
Based around the CASIO Z1050 10 mp camera,
splits the image horizontally for landscape orientation on single image.


3D World Medium Format film camera
New 120mm film camera from China with Hasselblad-sharp lenses.

Busch Verascope stereo film camera
used for 28mm wide pairs, 62mm interocular.
This 1950's camera is best used for subjects in the range of 3 to 25 feet.


Matched Konica FS-1 film cameras
150mm minimum to unlimited interocular. This set-up is used for subjects no closer than 10 feet or can be used base-to-base for verticals with 90mm interocular for 7 foot distance. Multiple prime lenses utilized.


View-Master stereo film camera
is used to create "one-off" custom View-Master reels for special applications such as weddings or advertising promotions.


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